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All entities registered under GST must have to file GST Returns periodically and furnish details about  sales and purchase made during the specified period.

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GST Return

Return is a statement of specified business activity transactions undertaken by the registered person during a tax period. GST returns are basically statement of outward supply and inward credits. Every registered person (under GST) must have to file periodically GST returns and furnish required details irrespective of voluntary registered person or compulsory registered person, even a dormant company that obtained GST registration must file GST return.

Various returns for different class of taxpayers has been prescribed, taxpayers required to submit there returns after payment of taxes, by the stipulated dates prescribed by council, if returns aren't filed before or on prescribed date, interest on tax amount and late fee will be charged as prescribed by law.

Lawfox provides you complete professional services related to GST Registration and Returns throughout India, you can get consultancy on GST Registration and Return system from Lawfox experts and reduce your tax complexities. 

|Various Returns under GST|

GST Returns

@6000 Onward/-

(GST Returns for 12 Months with accounting support)

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Submission of Information

You need to provide required information through a simple application form and submit documents required for GST Registration.

Submission of application for GST Registration.

Our expert will prepare a registration application with the information provided by you and submit the same to authority for registration. After the submission of application you will receive a ARN number on your Mobile and Email address.

User creation on GST Portal

We will create a user on GST Portal with your GSTN and provide you GST User ID and Password for further use.

It's Done

Once we complete the above mentioned process, we will return your DSC. 

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