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Alteration of address of business or address for service in Trademark Register

(1) If address of principal place of business or address for service in India of a registered proprietor or a registered user of a trademark is changed, user shall request the Registrar in Form TM-P to make the appropriate alteration of the address in the register, and the Registrar shall alter the register accordingly if he is satisfied in the matter.

(2) A registered proprietor or a registered user of a trademark the address of whose principal place of business in India or whose address for service in India is altered by a public authority, so that the changed address designates the same premises as entered in the register, may make the aforesaid request to the Registrar on Form TM-P or as the case may be, and if he does so he shall leave therewith a certificate of the alteration given by the said authority. If the Registrar is satisfied, as to the facts of the case, he shall alter the register accordingly but shall not require any fees to be paid.

(3) (i) Where a registered proprietor makes a request, he shall serve a copy of the request on the registered user or users, if any, and inform the Registrar accordingly.

(ii) where the request aforesaid is made by a registered user, he shall serve a copy thereof on the registered proprietor and every other registered users, if any, and inform the Registrar that he had done so.

(4) In case of the alteration of the address of a person entered in the register as the address for service in India of more than one registered proprietor or registered user of trademarks, the Registrar may, on proof that the said address is the address of the applicant and if satisfied that it is just to do so, accept an application from the person in Form TM-P so as to suit the case, for the appropriate alteration of the entries of his address as the address for service in the several registrations, particulars of which shall be given in the Form and may alter the entries accordingly.

(5) All applications under this rule on Form TM-P shall be signed by the registered proprietor or the registered user, as the case may be, or by an agent authorised by him.

(6) Where an application has been made under sub-section (1) of section 58 for the alteration of the register by correction, change, cancellation or striking out of goods or services or for the entry of a memorandum, the Registrar may require the applicant to furnish such evidence by affidavit or otherwise as the Registrar may think fit, as to the circumstances in which the application is made. Such application shall be made in Form TM-P and a copy thereof shall be served by the applicant on the registered user or users, if any, under the registration of the trademark in question and to any other person who appears from the register to have an interest in the trademark.

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