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Integrated procedures of incorporation of Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)


Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) has recently introduced Limited Liability Partnership (Second Amendment) Rules 2018, which involves revised rules and incorporation related e-forms regarding Integrated procedures of incorporation of Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) In the pursuance of government's initiative towards Ease of doing business in India.

The said amendment rules contains changes as detailed below:

(A) Introduction of ‘RUN-LLP (Reserve Unique Name – Limited Liability Partnership)

(B) Introduction of a new integrated Form FiLLiP (Form for incorporation of Limited Liability Partnership)

The applications which would be submitted using the web-service/e-Forms would be processed at Central Registration Centre (CRC).

Reserve proposed name through RUN-LLP:

RUN-LLP (Reserve Unique Name – Limited Liability Partnership) is a Web Service for reserving a name for a new LLP or for Change of Name of any existing LLP. This new web service would replace the existing Form 1 for reservation of name for new LLP or change of name of LLP. The process of submission of RUN-LLP is same as the RUN service we are using for Companies. It's a simple and direct process for name reservation as applicants or professionals would just need to login into their MCA account to use this Web service.

RUN-LLP contains 4 simple fields as detailed below:

a) New Incorporation/ Conversion: User has to select whether name reservation is for New incorporation or Conversion of firm or company into LLP.

b) LLPIN/CIN: User shall enter LLPIN in case of name reservation for change of existing name of LLP or Conversion of company into LLP.

c) Proposed Name 1 & Proposed Name 2: User may enter up to two proposed names for reservation in Proposed Name 1 & Proposed Name 2.

After the above mentioned field 'c' there will be an auto check button which would facilitated the checking of the existence of any name similar to the proposed name on MCA database, but applicant need to ensure that proposed name is as per the rules and guidelines prescribed by MCA for reservation of names and at the same time applicant shall conduct a Trade Mark search before applying of name reservation through RUN-LLP.

d) Comments: User needs to mention the objects of the proposed LLP and any other relevant comments.

The new integrated e-Form FiLLiP

The new integrated Form FiLLiP combines 3 services i.e.,

i) Name reservation.

ii) Allotment of Designated Partner Identification Number(DPIN/DIN).

iii) Incorporation of the LLP.

The same user login ID which was used for reserving the name through RUN-LLP has to be used for submitting and uploading FiLLiP. In this form, user need to fill details about partners, designated partners, address of registered office, DPIN/DIN of proposed partner/designated partner (if already having DPIN/DIN) etc.

If designated partner/ partner doesn't have DIN/DPIN, all the relevant details pertaining to DIN/DPIN allotment shall be entered in the relevant section of the e-Form. Maximum of two DINs/DPINs can be allocated through FiLLiP. Same as company incorporation integrated form, this e-Form can also be signed by providing PAN details of the Designated Partner if none of the Designated Partners have DIN/DPIN.

By introduction of these reforms, MCA has simplified the procedure of incorporation of LLPs in india. With this centralized registration process Ministry has transferred all the processing works related to incorporation of LLP from Registrar of companies (ROC) to Central Registration Centre. The main object behind these reforms is facilitating an speedy process of registration of Limited Liability Partnership.


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